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TENAX T-Block Retaining wall system for geogrid reinforced block walls

TENAX T-Block Retaining wall system for geogrid reinforced block walls

The T-BLOCK unit design (by Geoblock) utilised by the system has been successful and proven since 1990 in a variety of wall applications from bridge abutments wing walls, railway platform extensions, water facing walls and many other applications, all further demonstrating its versatility.

The integrated mono-oriented geogrid (by TENAX) is manufactured in a continuous process with cross directional bars homogeneously connected to the high tensile longitudinal strands to form a monolithic structure.

Finally, a 100% mechanical connection technology delivered by the simple TENAX patented T-CLIP connector, attaches securely to the TENAX geogrid and is locked into place between the blocks.


Retaining wall system

The reinforced soil technique is a construction method that is thousands of years old and has in the past used different types of soil reinforcing materials.
Today’s geosynthetics, in particular the use of geogrids and the structures designed to use them, are the subject of well researched mathematical solutions. Several types of construction systems utilise the concepts of soil reinforcement.

Amongst them, are soil reinforced block wall systems that make use of concrete blocks at the face and incorporate geogrids as reinforcing elements. These systems have proven to be extremely viable from technical, aesthetic and economic standpoints.

The T-BLOCK Retaining Wall System is unique and can be considered as a state of the art system, developed from the joint cooperation between two of the most experienced and qualified companies in the market: TENAX and Geoblock. The cooperation between the two companies has allowed the development of a unique system that delivers the maximum possible benefits and advantages when combining the use of geogrid reinforcement with concrete block components.

The T-BLOCK Retaining Wall System offers the best block, the best geogrid and the best connection system, fully supported by a comprehensive professional design approach.



The benefits

The T-Block Retaining Wall System offers many advantages to clients, specifiers and contractors when compared with traditional methods such as reinforced concrete in retaining wall applications:

  • Proven and recognised reinforced soil technique with numerous worldwide successful projects;
  • Possibility of using site-won backfill, therefore providing further savings;
  • Fast and easy to construct;
  • Area behind wall can be trafficked straight away;
  • Structures designed for 120 years life;
  • No practical height limitations;
  • Simple construction method that requires no specialist skills;
  • Large cost savings over traditional reinforced concrete solutions;
  • Can be designed for all surcharge loading applications;
  • Variety of facing types to suit client requirements;
  • Better resistance to dynamic effects arising from seismic activity.
TENAX T-Block Brochure TENAX T-block Photo Archive
TENAX T-BLOCK - Applications

Stabilisation of landslides

Construction of retaining walls

Slope crest enlargement

Construction of road and railway embankments

TENAX T-BLOCK - Installations

Installation of retaining walls

Wall selection guide

Design service



Geogrid reinforced wing wall
St. Petersburg, Russia ringroad:
Geogrid reinforced wing wall.


segmental retaining wall system
South Korea - Chunsugyo-Saebeari Highway.

Geoblock segmental retaining wall System

walls for clover leaf interchange
The walls for this clover leaf interchange were built with blocks designed by Geoblock and produced locally.


retaining wall system on road projects
Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Materials and design for the landscaping and structures on major road projects.


geogrid reinforced block walls
Seoul, Korea

This wall shows the flexibility of the T-BLOCK system that maximises the use of a small busy urban area. The strikingly curved, multi-layered wall geometry provides the local residents with ample parking facilities and aesthetically pleasing recreational areas.



wide range of styles
Available in a wide range of face styles and colours, the T-Block system can be built in a variety of architectural effects and finishes to match or complement the surrounding built environment.